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Medical Assistant (MA)

Location : Oakland, CA
Job Type : Temp/Contract
Reference Code : Wand-9057578
Start Date : 04/22/2019
End Date : 07/27/2019
Hours : Full Time
Job Category : Medical Assistant (MA)

Job Description :
Source=Wand;ID=0;SourceID=9057578;Status=;Client=UCSF Benioff Childrens Hospital Oakland ( CA);City=Oakland;State=CA;Start=4/22/2019;End=7/27/2019;Duration=96;Cert=Clinical - Allied - Travel;Specialty=Medical Assistant;Unit=CARDIO : 10*7590;Shift=;# of Postions=1;Guaranteed Hours=40.00;Type=Travel;BillRate=$1.00;OTRate=;Description=The purpose of this position is to serve as a clinical liaison to facilitate prompt patient care by assisting in the clinical area and to assure that all ordered services are completed in an efficient, organized manner under the supervision of a physician. As a member of the care team, this position must demonstrate the highest level of service quality to patients, family members and other visitors to the clinic.1. Customer Servicea. Utilizes innovative approaches to improve service delivery.b. Maintains a culture that improves teamwork and values diversity.c. Accepts personal responsibility and accountability for customer service excellence.d. Creates an environment in which customers feel respected and diversity is valued.e. Communicates and listens effectively; reliable and professional.f. Exhibits a flexible and proactive approach to changes in the workplace.g. Demonstrates an understanding of the organization s values and mission statement.h. Acknowledges the presence of customers and responds appropriately to their needs.i. Properly applies technical knowledge and skills.2. Clinic Services Liaisona. Coordinate provider/clinic schedule, assuring efficient patient flow and assuring that all necessary care needs are ordered, scheduled, authorized and completed.b. Greet and register all patients in the clinic; direct patients and visitors as necessary.c. Monitor waiting times for patients and intervene as necessary to assure even distribution of patients to the care providers.d. Review provider s schedule, assuring that all necessary clinical documentation, diagnostic service results are available for patient visits.e. Make follow-up appointments as necessary as directed by physician or the registered nurse.f. Prepare and maintain files, records and charts. Retrieve and disseminate information as directed. Request records and information from Medical Records, Clinical Laboratory or other departments as necessary.g. Enter patient charges into computer system.h. Assure that inventory of supplies are sufficient; restock supplies as necessary, maintaining the supplies in a neat and orderly manner; verify that refrigerator temperatures are appropriate.3. Clinical Assistancea. Take vital signs, weights and measurements of patients and place in examination rooms.b. Collect data on assigned patients as indicated in the unit-based performance standards, policies and procedures under the direct supervision of a licensed physician or registered nurse.c. Demonstrate the knowledge of pediatric and adult growth and development principles and applies these principles when caring for patients and families.d. Perform accurate documentation in patient records as indicated in the structure of standards, policy and procedures under the direct supervision of a licensed physician or registered nurse.e. Identify and enter accurate ICD-9 coding for billing; performs chart entry and inputs information into the Problem List.f. Communicate all pertinent information including findings, problems, concerns or ideas to attending physician in a timely manner.g. Perform clinical procedures under the supervision of a physician, such aerosol treatments and pulmonary function tests, including flow volume loop and peak flow testing.4. Constructive/Positive Atmospherea. Demonstrate the ability to cooperate with and assist other members of the care team as well as patients and families.b. Effective problem solver through active problem identification and collaboration with care team members, managers from other departments, the medical staff and the nursing staff.c. Flexible in staffing patterns and resolution of staffing conflicts; Team player.d. Able to resolve conflicts in a pro-active manner.https://prowand.pro-unlimited.com/supplier/standard/requisition/req_geninfo_view.html?id=9057578&type=REQUISITION&reqProfile=true;VMSPositionType= AvgHoursPerWeek=
Required Qualifications :
Skills :
Medical Assistant (MA)
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